“We have worked with Chris for the last several years for multiple fundraisers.  As an auctioneer, he brings energy, expertise and fun to the events.  He has gone above and beyond in working with us to create new and exciting ways to increase our proceeds year over year.” 

Brett Dick
President of Operations
Warriors for Freedom Foundation

“I have used Chris Carter as both an auctioneer and emcee for 2 successful events so far.  He is my go to guy and I do not want to use anyone else.  As a non-profit professional for over 20 years, I have learned the value of a great auctioneer and emcee.  The success or failure of an event can be greatly influenced by this individual.  I have nothing but praise for Chris, as my team and I sat back and watched him work, engaging with our donors to exceed our goals in both events.  He is more than just an auctioneer, he is a well-spoken, enthusiastic champion for the causes he represents and understands that people give to people.”

Lisa Cannon
Director of Development and Community Partnerships
Child Parent Institute
Santa Rosa, California

Foundation For

Veterinary Dentistry

"Since 2010, the Veterinary Dental Forum has had a live auction to support a non-profit organization that is near and dear to veterinary dentistry: The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry.

Dr. Carter has done an excellent job of being the auctioneer for every one of these highly successful auctions. He is very charismatic and works well with the audience to get the most for each item without dragging the auction out."

Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry – Auction Committee Chairman 


"​​Auctioneering is an art. To be effective, particularly for nonprofit fundraising events, you must understand the psychology of philanthropy, as well as the characteristics of your audience – why are they there, what are the personal wealth characteristics – their bidding limits, what is the collective personality.  You must know when and how to apply pressure, and do so with humor and humility to avoid coming across off-putting and pushy. Chris Carter possesses these qualities, and more.  Chris is also keenly aware of how to inspire those unable to donate a lot, to donate a little.  When many give a little, it equals a lot.

We have worked with Chris for years, and each year he helps our small, niche charity raise a large portion of our annual operating budget.  He is invaluable to us, and our mission, and we cannot recommend him highly enough."

Susanne Pilla

Managing Director

​Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation

​Lakewood, Colorado

Chris Carter Auctions

Santa Rosa, California

Sonoma county